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The solution for managing operations of Home shop network TV channel along with a managed eCommerce platform and Call center services involves seamlessly integrated back office systems for supporting all the 3 components:

  1. Home Shopping Network
  2. eCommerce Website
  3. Call center Services

The eCommerce platform is high performance, scalable eCommerce solution for fast-growing and large businesses. It has the features and the flexibility required to create an eCommerce solution tailored to unique needs.

Store Front Module

  1. Home Screen
  2. Catalogue
  3. Customer Account
  4. Shopping Cart
  5. Checkout
  6. Sitemap
  7. Newsletter subscription and mailing list generation
  8. Search and Advanced search

Admin Module

a). Dashboard
b). Product Management

  1. Product Information (Specification, Description, Price, Image,Video)
  2. Batch Upload

c). Campaign Management

  1. Banner
  2. Discount
  3. Product Combination (Promo)

d). Inventory Management

  1. Stock Update
  2. Stock Status

e). Order Management

  1. Order Status Tracking
  2. Order by Customer (website and QR code from TV)
  3. Order by Call Center
  4. Shipping Method Option and Delivery Rate (Location & Weight)
  5. Order Scheduling for COD and CC payment
  6. Order Cancellation & Re-Order

f). Customer Management & Support

  1. Order History
  2. Profile and Address Update
  3. Ticket
  4. Wish List (new product)
  5. Watch List (out of stock, pre-order, re-stock)

g). Customer Review

  1. Product Reviews and Rating
  2. Review approval , edit and delete

h). Promotion

  1. Discount Voucher (time limited)

i). Analytics and Reports


Payment Gateway Integration

  1. Credit Card
  2. Internet Banking as provided by Payment Gateway
  3. Transfer
  4. COD

Social Media Integration

  1. Facebook (for Login and share)
  2. Twitter

WMS Integration

  1. Daily update of Stock and Price
  2. API / Batch Upload

Delivery/Logistics System Integration

  1. Delivery Status tracking
  2. API / Batch Upload

Call Center Integration

  1. Real Time Reporting – Analyze call center metrics in real-time.
  2. IVR System – Ensure that the call is directed to the right department. This IVR system reduces call handling times and increases first contact resolution.
  3. International Numbers – Acquire local and toll-free phone numbers from multiple countries. Have international phone numbers routed to your local agents.
  4. Historical Reporting – Monitor the performance to make intelligent business decisions based on comprehensive data.
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