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GEN21 Dashboards

GEN21 Insight is a Business Intelligence solution from GEN21. It also allows for Corporate level consolidation. Some salient features of GEN21 Insight are,

  • Faster insight to data for more effective decision making
  • Web based Distribution of reports and analysis across the organization
  • Drill down reports for greater details with slicing and dicing of data
  • Top N Analysis of various business parameters – advertiser, client, program, distributor, etc
  • Pre designed KPIs , dashboards and scorecards
  • Revenue and cost analysis based on Primetime and Non-Prime time
  • CPM & RPM analysis, What-if Analysis

GEN21 Report Builder

  • Simple and easy way for users to Create Custom reports
  • Integrated with base GEN21 Application
  • Predefined templates for faster reporting.
  • Can create modified report from existing reports in GEN21
  • Authorization feature for each custom report
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