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GEN21 Product suite enables Broadcast networks to efficiently manage the content acquisition, media movement, program content scheduling and optimized ad placement thus maximizing the content value per purchased rights. It helps increase yield from traditional and new media inventory while centralized campaigns and billing services strengthen a relationship with advertisers.

GEN21 seamlessly integrates with on-air graphics systems and media asset management systems to facilitate migration to tapeless media operations, generating a new level of efficiency in the way content is received, archived and moved through the production chain. The BXF complaint interface with media asset management systems provides a tightly controlled and streamlined programming environment. Broadcast and content meta-data flows into and out of the Gen21 system from a wide variety of interfaces.

√ Centralized database provides a single solution regardless of the number of channels, whether linear or non-linear.

 Complete metadata management of programming content – rights, television scheduling, financials, library management, commercial blocks, and airtime continuity.

 Dynamic updating – Multiple dynamic links automatically reflect changes in real-time to ensure the latest, accurate information.

 Seamless integration with other internal systems and industry standard equipment, such automation, broadcast servers and archive systems.

√ Automated Processes –in-built workflow automatically handles incoming and outgoing “orders” including play-list exports, device control, event triggers, background recordings, Internet page creation and more.

 Streamline workflows. Easily adaptable to different broadcast management needs, including linear and tapeless workflows.

Station Groups

Gen21 Broadcast Management System, Infotech flagship product is an integrated Station group reap great benefits by automating and streamlining their workflow across channels with the capability to consolidate. Gen21 with Multichannel support enables broadcast groups to manage scheduling, ad placement, media handling, and playout operations across…

Entertainment Channels

Entertainment Channels, in general, require a system that can increase productivity through the integration of sales, scheduling, content acquisition and media campaign…

News Channels

Gen21 provides an easy and ready-to-use interface to News room systems. Implementation experience using XML-based interface for Octopus news room system…

Sports Channels

To meet the specific needs of live programming typical for Sports channels, Gen21 is equipped to easily handle overruns, pre-emption, and flexible ad scheduling. Gen21 also helps…

Music Channels

Gen21 integrates seamlessly with music automation systems like RCS…

Budding Channels

Gen21 is a modular system, enabling users to add components in a cost-efficient manner, as their broadcast needs evolve. Customers have the ability to buy only…


The same technology that is managing programming and ad sales for broadcast is now ready to manage advertisement in theaters. Gen21 delivers excellent flexibility…
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