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GEN21 Packages

GEN21 Marketing auto-suggests the best sales packages in terms of best pricing strategies and best deals that maximize the revenues and minimize the costs for a Broadcaster. Intricacies of such Packages & Deals simulated and generated by GEN21 are geared for Broadcaster’s internal revenue/ cost optimization purposes. The module has the ability to dynamically factor in any changes in normal business processes.

  • Define the best sales packages/pricing strategies via Revenue / Profit & Loss Analysis
  • Highly flexible Package Manager for all types of packages (Regular, Sponsorship etc)
  • Includes Client/Agency Bonus Management & Audit trail
  • Package Realization Processes / Reports
  • Efficient Package Builder from user defined parameters
  • Pre-finalization proof facility included
  • Define sponsorship template along with workflow approvals

GEN21 Programmatic

GEN21 CPRP is a powerful tool to generate CPRP based packages. It auto suggest Programs and number of spots for each such program based on availability, ratings and rate cards. Internal Packages & deals simulation processes benefit broadcasters to optimize Revenues and Profit/Loss.

  • Multi version enabled
  • Historical & Trace-ability plan
  • Integrated with sales modules, real time monitoring between departments
  • Capture and integrate with rating data for rating prediction
  • Post buy analysis
  • Auto search slots by parameter base

GEN21 Sponsorship

GEN21 Sponsorship module enables to define sponsorship packages in terms on number of sponsors, co- sponsors. It has a facility to create high level budget / target for programing team with approval process. This module provides facility to define / estimate budget or target at different levels like high level, manager level for control and approval.

  • High level target definition and approval
  • Linked to Schedule to recalculate target based on actual airing.
  • Allocation and maintenance of minimum rate for spots.
  • Price list template definition and maintenance.
  • Sponsorship matrix benefits template definition and maintenance.
  • Multiple / Alternative internal packages.
  • External Sponsorship package creation and maintenance
  • Sponsorship package realization and compensation package.
  • Sponsorship package reports.
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