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GEN21 Cine delivers excellent flexibility and efficiency in cinema advertising management by driving all key business areas from a single database and user interface. This includes cinema ad management, campaign management, inventory definition, customer & Sales force management, traffic & billing management.

Gen21 Cinemas

GEN21 Cinema Advertise Management System (GEN21 CINE) is an enterprise-wide business solution for Cinema Management. Various modules of GEN21CINE drive different elements of the Cinema value chain and altogether integrate into a comprehensive, versatile and functionally rich system.

  • Define multiple rate cards
  • Define package rate cards
  • Approval workflow for changes
  • Support multiple PO types
  • Support multiple show types.
  • Cinema monitoring dashboard.
  • Dashboard for various operations like Sales, trailers
  • Management dashboard
  • Integration services for cinema systems

Amongst other areas, GEN21CINE provides the capability to manage

  • Cinema Planning
  • Movies Scheduling
  • Ad Sales Contracting
  • Trailer Scheduling
  • Promo Scheduling
  •  Traffic List Scheduling
  • Ad Invoicing
  • Cinema monitoring

GEN21 Cine Schedule

GEN21 Cine Schedule module enables cinema to access the real-time information about the event schedules and to perform fast paced scheduling activities using Templates & Patterns, which helps in maximizing the Operational Efficiency, minimizing duplication of efforts and reducing the human error.

Movies Schedule Planner provides Reusable Program Scheduling for daily, weekly or monthly plans with automatic creation of availability. GEN21 movies scheduling also integrates with external systems to get the movies schedule through the service interface. Features of the module also include,

  • Import Schedule
  • User defined breaks
  • Predefined pattern for Ad breaks, trailers and promos to be scheduled.

GEN21Cine Ad Sales

GEN21 Ad Sales has the versatile workflow of booking, pre-emption, make-good of commercial spots and covers whole lifecycle of the sales management. Complete and comprehensive business solution that monitors and manages the sales activities in the single integrated system.

With its built-in customizable logic for handling airtime booking for various PO types and Packages with pre-defined rules, GEN21 Sales meets all needs of the Sales operations.  More features that adds to the flexibility of the module includes,

  • Campaign Definition to group the sales order for agency
  • Supports multiple PO types like paid, barter, bonus etc. reports based on PO type
  • Flexible Payment types and payment definition
  • Supports multiple rate cards, like regular, package etc
  • Supports multiple show types
  • Approval workflow for changes to the Quotation PO
  • Multiple booking facilities by screen, by movie, by day
  • Supports multiple discount schemes
  • Built-in system-based Ad placements and notifications
  • Extensive status reporting items for clients
  • Management reports based on account, agency, client, product, sales executive
  • Sales dashboard for availability and other PO related status.


GEN21 Cine Trailers

GEN21 Cinema Trailer module provides versatile workflow for assigning trailers for the cinema. This module provides facility to define multiple tracks for trailer placement. It provides

Trailer placement module provides easy way to schedule trailers and send them to specified cinema based on the track definition. Features of the module also include

  • Trailer track definition
  • Trailer version with validity
  • Upload trailer material and send to defined track
  • Convert and preview in low resolution
  • Trailer QC parameter and approval
  • Facility to allow restrict multiple cinema, films for trailer airing
  • Define and schedule trailer based on movie rating / Genre.

GEN21 Cine Promo

GEN21 Cinema Promo module provides facility to create and schedule internal promo for cinema. Accommodates promos of various Object Types and the different properties and promo identification includes source and time-coding information. Also provides customizable & pre-defined validity checks throughout.

  • Rule-based Promo Planner daily planning / bulk promo planning.
  • Automatic sequencing & Prioritization inside commercial breaks
  • Flexible reporting format
  • Upload promo material and send to defined track
  • Convert and preview in low resolution
  • Promo QC parameter and approval.

GEN21 Cine Monitoring

GEN21 Cinema monitoring module provides the dashboard for all the activities at each Cinema / theatre. The dashboard includes

  • Studio /Screen summary: This provides summary of all the orders at each Cinema
  • Material Status: this provides details of material status in all the cinema for orders
  • Campaign /Order Monitoring: This provides details about the orders placed at all the cinema.
  • Player Message: This provides facility to send message to operator at cinema related to ad booking, promo or trailer placement activity.
  • Studio Information: This provides information related to each studio and screens in the cinema. The information related to pending orders in cinema, as well as information about each studio screen like projector used, player used, material status for airing etc.

GEN21 Cine Dashboards

GEN21CINE provides various dashboards for information to various groups / operations in the cinema. The dashboard includes operational dashboard, management dashboard and analytical dashboard.

  • General Dashboard: This dashboard provides general information about the status for the day. This includes,
    • Top 5 cinema by occupancy
    • Orders confirmed
    • Orders planned but not confirmed
    • Cancelled Orders
    • Order with no material
  • Sales Dashboard: Sales dashboard provides information related to the daily orders processed by the sales coordinator. This includes,
    • Availability dashboard – Nationwide
    • Availability dashboard – City
    • Availability dashboard – Cinema
    • Availability dashboard – Screen
    • Last 3 months revenue comparison
    • Last 3 months Occupancy Comparison
  • Trailer Dashboard: Trailer dashboard provides information related to the trailer placement in the cinema. This includes,
    • Top 5 trailers for the day
    • Top 5 trailers based on rating
    • Trailers schedule for the day
  • Management Dashboard: Management dashboard provides summary of overall activities to the management. This includes,

Top 5 Dashboard

    • Top 5 Agency
    • Top 5 Client
    • Top 5 Products
    • Top 5 Categories
    • Top 5 cinema by revenue
    • Top 5 cinema by Occupancy

Comparison Dashboard

    • Yearly Comparison Revenue
    • Occupancy vs. Revenue
    • Actual Vs Projected Revenue
    • Actual Vs. Projected Occupancy
    • Year to month Comparison for revenue
    • Year to month Comparison for Occupancy
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